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Morphologics (previously Ritchey Consulting) is a private commercial organization offering strategic decision support through non-quantified modelling with General Morphological Analysis, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Bayesian Network Modelling.

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Articles and other material appearing on this site are copyrighted by the authors or by Morphologics and the Swedish Morphological Society (SMS - responsible publisher: Tom Ritchey). PDF-articles can be downloaded, copied and disseminated only in unaltered form, with reference given to the author(s) and to SMS. All material quoted from this site must give reference to the author(s) and to SMS.

The term and the procedures embodied in "morphological analysis" are not trademarked or copyrighted. Morphological analysis is a basic scientific method, and is therefore no more copyrightable than "mathematical analysis" or "statistical analysis".

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Morphologics does not sell products or services to individual persons within the EU and does not collect or store data about individuals or companies.

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